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Twitter's 280 Characters - Streets Ahead?

By Dane Thomson

· Tips

Twitter recently announced a game-changing update which sent our tweeting thumbs into a frenzy. The new 280-character limit to REPLACE the original 140-character limit was born …. to mixed reactions.

The main reaction from Twitter users being surprise as having 140 characters (NO MORE!) to get our messages across was THE norm. Also, the red – character signalling we’d exceeded our character limit for chattier tweets was easily sorted with some quick word amends, so no change to this was expected …

However, to keep us social media users engaged and connected, updates ARE necessary, even the unexpected ones. There are many fun and creative ways you can use your extra 140 characters …

How to get Streets Ahead and make best use of your extra 140 characters

  • Use full names of places etc. you normally must abbreviate – e.g. instead of #Edin, you can now say #Edinburgh and take advantage of having your hashtag found by more people – win!
  • Have more and longer conversations! Do your research on who you’re tweeting back … e.g. have they recently just won an award? Congratulate them! Showing you’re not all about yourself is crucial and sweetens any social relationship
  • Summarise more key and useful takeaways from e.g. events, blogs to help your audience but do so in your own brand voice, if your brand is playful, keep that tone!

Final tip

  • As tempting as it is to use ALL the new 280-characters, don’t feel you need to use every character. If you’re happy with your tweet at 150 characters, leave it at!

While some people question whether Twitter is in a lost lane deviating away from its 140- character premise, we think the new 280-character Twitter is a brilliant development! If Twitter users harness it well, it can create even better relationships and in turn sales for your business!

Over to you …

What do you think about the new 280 character limit?

Do you need some fresh ideas on how to use your extra 140 characters?

Tweet me at @StreetsAheadSoc today using as many of the 280 characters as you like!

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