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How to … stop your LinkedIn post getting lost in the newsfeed

By Dane Thomson

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Picture this … you’ve got EXCITING news to share about your company and you want to tell your friends in business on LinkedIn about it …

Your last post got 1,001 views, 10 likes, 5 comments. Because of this, you received 2 enquiries and converted 1 sale.

So, with this post (say it’s about appointing a new high-profile account manager), you’re hoping to build on the past success … but 4 hours after you post the update, you’re sitting with 1 like, 78 views … with it becoming apparent that not many of connections are getting to see it …

An article in Social Media Today confirmed suspicions that there was some sifting of posts at work. In their guest writer’s words, “content is then scored from a quality perspective before being passed along to human editors”, which means that every post is checked before it is cascaded further.

However, don’t worry, there are ways you can increase your post reach with some simple tweaks that the gatekeepers will LOVE!

Increasing LinkedIn post reach tips

  • Ensure your post has a relevant and striking heading – experiment with spacing and asterisks to make it stand out 
  • Space your post out. It may sound strange, but posts which are more generous with spacing between sentences garner significantly higher views
  • Accompany your post with engaging pictures. Not only does it delight the gatekeepers, your post is more likely to be viewed and interacted with from your audience. 
  • Find the timeframe when your audience most active on LinkedIn and try to stick to these days/times
  • Quality content – is the content your posting overly 'salesy' and repetitive? If it is, amend it so it’s more human and not the same on each update …

Doing all the above is a sound way of ensuring your next post gets into the newsfeeds of your target audience.

Do you have any of your own tips and tricks to add?

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