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How to save time on social media for your business

By Dane Thomson

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When it comes to social media, one of the biggest obstacles for businesses using it to its full potential is ... time.

"I don't have time for social media"

"I don't know how to create good posts in the short amount of time I have"

"I don't have time ... full stop to even think about social media"

Does this all sound familiar?

Help is hand ... I am about to give you some clear, usable tips you can action so that you can banish the 'I don't have time' headaches ...

1. Only post on 1 or 2 platforms for your business

One of the biggest misconceptions business owners have is that 'I have to be on ALL the platforms so I don't miss anything.' You DON'T. In fact, by only being on 1 or 2 platforms rather than 4, you're taking time back straight away by not spreading your content too thin.

Let's say for example you're a Health and Safety Consultancy. I would recommend straight away that you have a presence on LinkedIn (Personal Profile) and then make a judgement call on the second platform ...

Ask yourself ...

  • 'Are my target audience (s) more active on Facebook or Twitter?'
  • 'Am I looking to use social media to help me gather press coverage for my business?' If so, 'Are the journalists/editors I am looking for on Facebook or Twitter?

2. Have a 'memo' app on your phone handy to capture ideas for your social media posts

Nothing wastes more time than sitting down with a blank screen and a mind that is somewhere else. In order to stop going down this rabbit hole, jot down the ideas that you have for social media in one place, as and when they come.

I personally am 'old school' and use my 'Memo' app on my Samsung phone. However, great alternatives are range from: Evernote right through to Fiinote. Here are '10 best note taking apps for Android' to help you take better notes.

You can also seek inspiration from popular social media days too if you are really stuck. Here is a handy 'A List of Weird Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media' guide from Hootsuite to help.

3. Block out time each week to schedule your posts

When it comes to your social media posts, it's good practice to have a mixture of 1) posts you've written and scheduled in advance for those extra busy days/weeks 2) 'in the moment' posts.

Good examples of posts to schedule in advance are:

  • Blogs e.g. How to safely change a fuse in a plug
  • Infographics e.g. Here's 10 very biased reasons why you should choose Joe Bloggs Consultancy

Good examples of 'in the moment' posts are:

  • Photos and videos from events
  • Interesting or comical moments from your day

While it can be tempting to schedule lots of content in advance and never visit your profiles for days on end ...

the truth is, social media needs you to be present in order for it to work.

You need to be allocating time to answer questions, reply to comments and observations you audience has.

By taking on board these tips and by scheduling set engagement times with your audience, you can be saving hours of time in your week and reinvesting it into other areas of your business.

Streets Ahead Social exists to teach SMEs like yours how to use and build relationships with the clients you want using social media.

I offer a free, no-obligation 20-30 minute consultation 📞💻 to chat through your social media headaches and recommend the right Streets Ahead Social package (s) to help solve your problems.

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