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How to … LIVE Tweet your event to SUCCESS

By Dane Thomson

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Let’s start with the basics …what is live tweeting?

Live tweeting is where you share ‘live’ on Twitter the exciting goings on of an event as it progresses.

When planned and done correctly, it can truly be a fun and thrilling addition to your event. It’ll involve your curious audience at home who can’t make the event physically. It’ll most importantly delight and engage your audience in the room with your event.

Why live tweet?

  • Gain many new followers in a short, sharp space of time
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase your business visibility through your ‘loves’ and retweets
  • Post event business exposure with the ‘in case you missed it’ Twitter function

What are the key ingredients to live tweeting success?

Before the event

  • Find and/or agree the official hashtag in advance – good hashtags are around about 12 characters long e.g. socialmixer17 – make sure you use the same hashtag every time!
  • Ensure your phone battery has plenty of charge as tweeting drains it very quickly
  • Ensure you’re connected to the WIFI – if no WIFI, switch to data

During the event

  • Retweet relevant tweets – ones with the official hashtag
  • Take plenty photos – try and make them as clear as possible
  • Ensure the hashtag and WIFI codes are displayed prominently throughout your event (e.g. on the bottom of the slides) so your audience can see them

After the event

  • Thank all the appropriate attendees, parties involved – make sure you tag them all and use the hashtag!
  • Write a post event blog / release to summarise the event
  • Sign post the audience if there will be another one to look forward to

Need a hand?

Don’t want the stress or hassle of live tweeting an event?

Bring someone in who has been there and wore the Tweet-Shirt to success by live tweeting at events!

What are your thoughts on live-tweeting?

I'd love to hear them! Tweet me today @StreetsAheadSoc

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