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How to increase your quality followers on Twitter

By Dane Thomson

· Tips

Here’s the thing … I love Twitter!

For me it is a buzzing and exciting social media platform to be on.

However, for the business owner with 3 staff and no time to dedicate to social media, it can be confusing and overwhelming. It can feel like you’re in a busy train station knowing your train is in 5 minutes, but no idea whether the platform you’re on is one you’re meant to be on …

After 'How can I get more 'likes' on my Facebook Page' … the second question I am regularly asked at networking events is ‘How do I get more followers on Twitter?’

Firstly, I am going to be upfront … building quality followers takes time.

You can however speed time up by thinking in advance …

  • Who you want to target on Twitter
  • What you want to say
  • Where do you want to say it. Will it be ... in a company Twitter profile? Or your personal Twitter profile?
  • When your target audience are on Twitter
  • How you are going to interact with your followers. What’s your purpose? Do you want to entertain them? Educate them on a specific issue?

Secondly, once you’re clear on why you’re on Twitter, you can get started on building your followers up. You can do this by:

Having a display picture and header photo that is on brand

First impressions mean everything on social media. Make sure your display picture is sized correctly and is the highest quality image wise. You then make sure your header photo is clear and in your brand colours. You can create amazing headers on Canva for FREE.

Interacting with your followers

  • Give your followers a ‘thank you for following us’ shout out
  • Celebrate their achievements with them. If for example, they’ve won an award, congratulate them and wish them the best
  • Take time to have conversations too – a sincere ‘hope you’re well’ never goes a miss!

Live Tweeting at events

Live tweeting at events using a dedicated hashtag is the quickest way to gain a range of followers in a short amount of time.

I know it can be daunting to some, so I have written ‘How to … LIVE Tweet your event to success to help you out.

If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for on Twitter, come and talk to me here at Streets Ahead Social today. I'll help you craft tweets your followers will love.

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