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How to increase LIKES on your Facebook Business Page … the social way

By Dane Thomson

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‘How can I increase the LIKES for my Facebook Page?’ is the number 1 question I am asked at networking events when the conversation turns to Facebook.

To help answer it for you, I am going to use a scenario you may recognise …

Picture this …


You’re a Fife based Florist and you’ve got a Facebook Page sitting at 199 likes …

You’re getting the odd LIKE here and there, but the conversations aren’t blooming into anything much more meaningful than that.

You’re posting statuses such as ‘Tag a friend who likes red roses’, but your reach has nosedived because Facebook has deemed this ‘engagement bait.’

What can you do?


You take some time with a cuppa and think about your ideal customer ...

Who are they? What do they need from you? Where are they? When do they need you? How are you going to help them?

With this all firmly in mind, you can then get back to your Facebook page and do the following:

Get your friends from your personal profile on board

When it comes to business, we buy from people, not brands in the first instance. We value people who take the time to know us and understand our needs both personally and in business. You can get your friends on board by:

  • Inviting them to like your page – but give them good reasons to like your page e.g. I have my flower business and by liking my page you will get e.g. the latest tips for keeping your flowers looking great for longer etc.
  • Inviting them to help you make creative decisions e.g. I’ve got a new blog I’m writing; Do you think it should be called e.g. Business is blooming or Business in bloom?

Collaborate with your friends in business

As people we are interested in other people on social media – what are they doing etc. however, the truth is, we’re primarily interested in ourselves at heart and content needs to appeal to us.

  • Collaborate by guest blogging for each other e.g. You’re the florist, why not guest blog on a vase makers business blog? You can talk about ‘5 ways you can pick the perfect vase’ for your flowers – you then post these on Facebook …
  • Regularly share news from other businesses e.g. the award finalists for a local business awards ceremony. You can tag the businesses you know and wish them well done!

Host fun competitions

Think about what your target audience would really like to win. Is it that brand new bouquet you’ve launched? Or is it tickets to a flower show?

Host a competition which encourages people to like your page, like the post and comment with a phrase to keep the visibility on the post in the newsfeeds of your customers also. Also, most importantly, Go LIVE to announce the results …

If you’re not getting the engagement you’d like on Facebook and are bamboozled by all the algorithm changes, come and speak to me at Streets Ahead Social today.

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