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How to get the hearts beating on your social media profiles again ...

By Dane Thomson

· Tips

So, you’re sat at home with your laptop and you’re working away.

It’s raining outside. You’ve just put on that washing you weren’t really needing to do to avoid writing a social media post or better still ... your posts for the week.

You know your social media profiles need some TLC.

You are avoiding social media because you are feeling disheartened. Your last posts you thought would garner some interest … haven’t. They are sitting at 5 views and no one has interacted with them so far.

You have ground to a halt.

Does this sound familiar?

Here’s what you can do to resuscitate and get the heart beating on your social media profiles again

Say for arguments sake your business is on Facebook and Twitter …

Spend time interacting with your followers

Next time you’re waiting on your bus or train, spend that 10 minutes taking the time to like and comment on things that matter to your followers.

Have they just won an award? Congratulate them!

Have they just written a brilliant article? Share it for them!

The more you make your posts about others, the more they will be on-board with you for those posts about you!

Make your posts less ‘salesly’ but instead more human

When we’re on social media, the last thing we want is to be bombarded with sales pitches and constant ‘buy my product’ messages. Instead … use humour and humanise those messages. Instead of ‘buy my product’ opt for ‘here’s 3 very biased reasons why you need my product in your life’ and make use of emoji's to show the light-hearted nature of the message.

Ask good questions that motivate your audience to respond

Asking good questions shows you're listening and you care what they have to say

Good questions such as;

How is your week going?

What is your favourite ________ ?

What are your thoughts on _________?

... are always a crowd-pleaser.

Doing all this will help get the hearts beating on your social media profiles again and stop you feeling so disheartened.

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