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How to find the right social media support for your business

By Dane Thomson

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Let’s jump right in with a scenario you may recognise in your business …

Your Facebook business page has lay untouched for over 6 weeks.

Your Twitter account has been sitting dormant for 12 weeks – you can’t even remember the password for it offhand!

You’ve know that Instagram is there. You’ve set up a profile, but haven’t done anything more than that.

You know you need to get your social media in order, but don’t know where to start looking for the expertise and help that fits your business.

You want someone down to earth, who won’t overload you with jargon, but, above all, knows what they’re talking about!

Does this all sound familiar?

Help is at hand!

To find the right social media support for your business, take the following 5 easy steps

Step 1 | Write down what social media headaches you’re having right now - write as many as you can stand doing!

Step 2 | Write down the characteristics of who you'd want to help – from what they are like personality wise to how often you’d like help from them … write everything!

Step 3 | Assign a rough budget for what your business can spend on social media support. Make it realistic! For quality support you are looking at around the £55 per hour mark ...

Step 4 | Look at your network e.g. who do you know in your network who can help with social media? Do any of your 'go to' people in your network know anyone?

Step 5 | Put the word out there. Go on LinkedIn, state you’re looking for help and have people get in touch with you, mention at networking events you're looking for someone.

Finding the right social media support is just like any business relationship, you need to gel and be compatible with the person so you can work together.

To build this relationship with you, I take the time to thoroughly understand your business through asking the right questions, carrying out in-depth research of your market, but above all, and most importantly, getting to know you personally. It's the person you buy in business before their product or service.

If you’re reading this reading this blog thinking, I really do need some help with my social media, and a further chat with Streets Ahead Social would be great, get in touch with me today.

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