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5 Top Social Media Tips For Your Small Business

By Dane Thomson

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“I really need to 'up my game' on social media for my business”

“I just don’t have time for social media”

“I’ll have my social media day on Thursday”

Sound familiar?

These are all the things I regularly hear when my conversations with business owners turn to social media.

In 2019, social media marketing is set to only get BIGGER. How big? Take a look here at: Social Media Statistics 2019: Top Networks By the Numbers for the full summary of the numbers at a glance - they are fascinating!

Whether you run a Health and Safety Consultancy in Bonnyrigg or a Decorating firm in Glenrothes, your ideal client will be on social media in one shape or form.

The Purpose of my blog today is to give you 5 Top Social Media Tips For Your Small Business, so that you can reach, build the relationship and convert that ideal client for your business using social media.

1. Spend 10 minutes per day just interacting and engaging with your followers.

If you’re just scheduling lots of posts and not interacting at all, then you are wasting your time! Your clients can see through this, and if their questions they’re leaving in the comments are going unanswered, they will go elsewhere... (Harsh... I know! But, it's true!)

2. Think about the images you’re using for your social media posts and take the following actions:

a) Limit your use of stock images and swap them for real photos of you, your business and your team.

b) Think about the story behind your images and use them to answer questions for your ideal client. For example, why not take a photo of yourself or a team member and have an answer to a client’s question in text next to them?

3. Experiment with different functions each social media platform has to offer.

Why not try: hosting a poll to ask your audience a question, getting creative with GIFs, going LIVE at an event you’re hosting to make the audience feel part of the occasion....In short, don't be afraid to try new things!

4. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate!

For example, if you run a Business Centre, why not collaborate with/interview each of your tenants for a social media video series? or if you're a photographer, why not collaborate with a social media consultant (ahem!) for a blog, video or podcast talking about 'How to take better images for your business social media platforms.'

5. Bring a social media specialist in...

Whether you're just looking for some advice, some training or to free yourself from having to write social media posts for your business completely, a dedicated social media specialist for your business (without the costs of employing someone full time) may be the right fit for your business...

On that note... let me tell you more about the results clients are seeing when working with me 👇

📊 600% increase in Facebook Page Likes resulting in 6 quality leads and 3 new (and subsequently returning) customers.

📊 200% increase in LinkedIn Profile views resulting in 4 quality leads and 2 new clients

📊 100% increase in Twitter engagement resulting in a 50% increase in calls to speak at events, provide comment in news publications etc.

My business Streets Ahead Social exists to teach SMEs like yours how to use and build relationships with the clients you want using social media.

I help you: build relationships ▶️ generate quality leads ▶️ generate sales.

I offer a free, no-obligation 15-20 minutes consultation 📞💻 to chat through your social media headaches and recommend the right Streets Ahead Social package (s) to help solve your problems.

Get in touch with me to book your free consultation.


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