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3 lovely ways to use PR for your small business

By Dane Thomson

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In a switched-on and always-connected digital social world, it is getting harder and harder to cut through the *noise* and GRAB people’s attention!

Whether you’re fundraising for your local charity, you’re promoting your business or you’re rounding up the mums and their kids for your kids’ birthday party, everyone’s social media and email inboxes are inundated with lots of messages fighting for their attention …

One of the easiest ways to GRAB someone’s attention is to make them smile and laugh, which you can do with through … *drumroll please* PR activities.

When I say PR, there are many connotations that come with this. Some ‘oh, that’s just sending a press release, eh?’, ‘isn’t that just spinning things?’ ‘oh … I don’t have time to do that.'

The beauty of PR is that ‘there is NO truth, only perspectives.' PR is about your character (whether in person or your organisation). It is the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Whether this is online, through your conversations with the other mums at the school gates or at a networking event.

In other words, FIRST and LAST impressions matter!

Here are 3 genuine, lovely ways you cut through the social noise and strengthen your bonds with clients, new friends etc.

  1. Never underestimate the power of a simple handwritten card …

Has someone done something nice for you lately? Or are you feeling generous and want to do something nice for someone else? Why not get the pen and card out? There is something special and really standout about saying ‘Thank You’ in your own handwriting in this digital age.

2. A simple ‘How are you’ message from time to time …

A simple ‘How are you?’ without a selling angle, something to push or a favour to ask really goes a long way. Why not thank them for their social media likes, follows, shares on your pages and return the favour?

3. Home baking!

Sending or showing up with homemade treats for your kid’s friends or clients can really sweeten your relationship. Again, the lovely thought factor. Having someone make something for you or vice versa really leaves a sweet aftertaste …

Whilst there is no one way to carry out your PR activities, it is important that you carry out these activities with genuine intentions to build and look after your relationships.

Do you need some inspiration and help with telling your PR stories for social media? Get in touch with me today!

A great PR story on social media is worth its weight in gold for your business!

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